Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Ok, you decided you are going to try and get your ex girlfriend back. Have you been thinking about it for a while, missing her being around you? Why did the two of you break up in the first place, this can determine if you even have a chance at this? And how long have you been apart, has it been just a few days or weeks? If you need know what to do to get her back, read the list of items below that are the rules everyone should follow when trying to get their ex back.

1.) First thing is you need to determine who was at fault for making this break up happen. If you have really thought it through and are sure you are not to blame then this means you are willing to take your ex girlfriend back after something she did. If you are at fault then acknowledging this and taking responsibility is a great first step. Now you must do whatever you can to correct your mistakes and make improvements to you life so you will be more acceptable to your ex.

2.) Hopefully you have not been bugging your ex to come back to you. You need to leave her alone for a few weeks to give her and you time to get past the emotional aspect of breaking up. It can make you angry and confused about why this could happen and you may make wrong decisions at this point. Taking time out will give you a chance to get over this and move on so you are back to normal reasoning.

3.) During this time that you are getting over this break up, you should talk to friends and family if you are having trouble adjusting. It can help to talk to someone about it so you can get it off your chest as they say, do not obsess over it or people will get tired of listening. Get out and enjoy yourself with your friends as this will help heal you. Sitting at home worrying and thinking about your break up will only make it worse.

4.) After a short time you could call or text her with a short conversation just to say 'hi hope you are doing ok'Keep the conversation short and say you must go. You will hope she wants to talk more and if so hang in there a little longer. Tell her you are sorry for your actions if you were at fault, and that at the time you did not realize what you where doing. Without bombarding her, you should call every so often as long as she does not cut you off and hopefully the two of you will start to get closer again.

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