Hey Monday - Hold On Tight


  1. Set Off
  2. How You Love Me Now
  3. Homecoming
  4. Obvious
  5. Candles
  6. Run, Don't Walk
  7. Josey
  8. Hurricane Streets
  9. Arizona
  10. Should've Tried Harder
  11. 6 Months

Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 3 : Portable

Easier to use, plus new tools and settings:
Redesigned the layout, making the program even easier to use. Everything is explained directly, you’ll probably never have to refer to the help. In addition to this we’ve also added a set of new tools and features for managing your Internet connection.

Boost and configure Internet Explorer and Firefox
Internet Explorer and Firefox are the two most popular browsers and you can now configure them and boost their performance right from internet Accelerator. In addition to performance-enhancing settings you also get direct access to a large number of useful browser settings, all in one place.

Internet Cleaner tool
Your browser saves a record of everything you do and every page you visit. The new Internet Cleaner tool lets you quickly delete your complete surfing trail, with separate settings for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

Hosts File Checker
Your computer’s “Hosts” file lists the location of known Internet sites and is always checked first for the address when you access a site. Spyware and other malicious programs can use it to redirect you to fake and dangerous sites – the new Hosts File Checker makes sure this isn’t happening.

Interactive checking for key parameters
In addition to optimizing your access speed Internet Accelerator can also interactively check some advanced parameters on your live connection to work out the best settings. You don’t have to use this feature, but it’s there if you want it.

New features:

* Intuitive new layout – everything explains itself
* Boost and configure Internet Explorer and Firefox
* Internet Cleaner – quickly erase your surfing trail
* Hosts File Checker – stop spyware redirecting you
* Interactive auto-check for key Internet access settings

Sino Sikat - 2Nd Album

01 - Toilet
02 - Look At Me
03 - Patiently
04 - Sa Ngalan Ng Pag-Ibig Mo
05 - Mr. Musikero (Pwede Ba)
06 - Acid Funk
07 - Heart Break Blues
08 - H.s. Romance
09 - I'll Never Say
10 - Wherever You Are
11 - Nung Iniwan Mo Ako

Junior Kilat - Party Pipol Ur On Dub Tv

01 - Sigbin Dub - Junior Kilat
02 - Party Pipol Ur On Tv Live - Junior Kilat
03 - Lansyaw Gimadkaw - Junior Kilat
04 - A.K.A. Otap Live - Junior Kilat
05 - Agta Dub - Junior Kilat
06 - Agta Dub Live - Junior Kilat
07 - Kling Klang Dub - Junior Kilat
08 - Suyop Live - Junior Kilat
09 - K-Fyne
10 - Kung Di Pa Lang Sala - Junior Kilat
11 - Suyop Dub - Junior Kilat
12 - Ako Si M16 - Junior Kilat

Francis Magalona And Ely Buendia - In Love And War

01 - Higante (Feat. Hardware Syndrome)
02 - Bleeder (Feat. Pupil)
03 - Bus Stop
04 - Buzzkill (Feat. Gloc9 And Turbogoth)
05 - Dreamdate
06 - Hands On (Feat. Hilera)
07 - Bum Ticker (Feat. Hilera And Brigada)
08 - Wasak Waltz
09 - It's All Right, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (Feat. The Purplechickens And Radha)
10 - Unstrung Heroes(Dj Kimosave Remix)